Getting You Back Up And Running

Getting You Back Up And Running


Prevention is better than cure, that’s what we’re taught. However, due to unforeseen circumstances every kitchen had to close its doors as we all had to lockdown. At Southern Catering Equipment Company we understand that returning to the kitchen after lockdown can be daunting. The appliances you rely upon to run a successful business have been sitting unused and powered down for more than two months.

They’ve not been checked, flushed through or cleaned – this may even be the longest they’ve been sat untouched. We’re available to make that transition easier so that you can be up and running as soon as possible.

As with our regular scheduled maintenance we provide thorough checks of all equipment which includes gas safety checks, electrical safety checks, full function tests and breakdowns. We have a stock of parts which greatly reduces turnaround times and helps us to achieve our first time fix rate which is currently as high as 86%. Our aim is a first time fix rate of 80-90%.
Southern Catering Equipment Company also have equipment to rent, so that in the event you return to find an appliance won’t restart, we can install a temporary replacement usually within 48 hours.

All our engineers carry PPE and are trained to use it correctly, so that we can help you safely and within guidelines. We understand that every site is different and therefore our team adjust safety measures as well as risk assessments accordingly with respect to both the site and the customers’ needs. Southern Catering Equipment Company have continued to provide service throughout lockdown and are very much “business as usual”; we’re here to offer you the support you need to get you back up and running too.

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