Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance

You wouldn’t skip your check up with the doctor because you know that it is necessary. Likewise, you wouldn’t skip your trip to the dentist surgery. If you did skip these important appointments, you may miss an early diagnosis. We’re always told that prevention, and early intervention are crucial. With this in mind, wouldn’t you think to do the same for the equipment that you rely upon, day in and day out? Much like we cannot see a clogged artery, we may miss something as simple as debris build up, that could cause mechanical failure. This, like a heart attack, is an emergency situation.

With ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance, we can try to prevent an emergency situation, and in the event that we need to fix something, we can intervene early. We want to be more than the team that you call in an emergency. We want to be a team that you can rely upon to keep things running smoothly.

At Southern Catering Equipment Company, we understand how fast paced and busy a kitchen can get, we understand that after a busy shift, cleaning and checks can be overlooked.

Our ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance’ can be tailored to your needs and can be as little or as comprehensive as you like. We work with you to ensure a schedule that is convenient.

This includes gas and electric safety checks; breakdown checks and full function tests. With our full kitchen MOT we can ensure that not only is your kitchen safe, but that it always complies with the current regulations, which are subject to change.

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